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Professionally repairing computers since 1996.

About the Company

Lefty Tech offers a variety of services to cater to your home network and computer repair support needs in Santa Clarita California. If you want wired or wireless network setup; spyware or virus/malware removed; your computer set up; or a Calyptix firewall, let Lefty Tech take care of your technical needs.

I know how computer maintenance and upkeep could sometimes be stressful for your work at home needs. If you are faced with these problems, a solution shouldn't be so daunting! Give me a call and I will help you with a resolution to your problems!

I offer cost-effective support with my experience in hardware and software problems; computer system installations, repairs, upgrades and maintenance; specializing in spyware and virus removal

I am experienced in setting up Home Theater and Gaming systems.


Lefty Tech


Types of Services

Drop off Repairs

For those systems that need more time to repair.

We work on systems throughout the night.


Repairs, setup and training at your home.

I serve the Santa Clarita Valley in Southern California.

Remote Support

Software repair or training through the internet.

For quick fixes or when you are out of our service area.


Home Theater and Gaming Console setup.

We can help set up your gadgets:
smartphones, tablets, TV remote controls…

Tech Tip


This tip is a result of someone going online searching for “Brother Printer Help”. From within the search results, he clicked on the link which displayed “Free Brother Technical Support”. His click took him to a webpage that provided a number to call for support. He called the number and let the person who answered his call have access to his computer. That person disabled the computer from logging in and asked to be paid before allowing the customer/victim access back onto his own computer.
When searching for help on the internet, look at the website you will be brought to before selecting the search result. In Google, the search result website is shown above the enticing clickable hyperlink. In Bing, the website is provided below the hyperlink.
When looking at the search result supplied website address, look at the part right before the top-level domain. (.com, .net, .org, .gov, .tech, .us, .tv). Some sites try to make it look like a credible site by adding something recognizable to the link or changing something just enough to not catch your eye. Like “Gooogle.com” or “HPSupport.scam.com”. For this last example given, “HPSupport.hp.com” would be a more trusted site since it comes from “HP.com” and the example was from “scam.com”.
Another thing with Hyperlinks to watch for. You have probably noticed that some text in web pages can bring you to another webpage. Usually these hyperlinks are text with lines under them. You click on the phrase like “More Info” and be taken to another website. If you place your mouse on top of the underlined phrase without clicking (hover over), the real destination web address will show at the bottom left corner of the browser window. A trick some websites use is to give you a web address to click on, but the hyperlink brings you to somewhere else. You could be clicking on “safesite.com” hyperlink that click takes you to “scam.com”. The best practice is to type the web address (URL) you want to go to directly into the browsers address bar. The next best thing would be to verify the hyperlink by hovering over it and looking at its true destination at the bottom left corner of the browser window to ensure you will not be misdirected before clicking.

Provided Services

Malware Removal

Virus and Spyware removal is the most popular service we provide.


Original setup of wireless and wired networks for your home or small business. Troubleshoot and repair existing network systems.

System Setup

If you get a new system, I can set it up and move your old computer’s information to the new PC. I can also move your computer to a new location. I can distroy your hard drive before taking it to an eWaste location.


I can install RAM, power supplies, video cards, hard drives, move data from a hard drive to a larger or Solid State drive, and more.


I can help you with installing and removing software, finding software conflicts or why it is not working.

Other Gadgets

I set up Home Theater systems (I do not do drywall work) as well as Gaming systems. I can help you with your Smartphone and tablets. Give me a call, I can probably help you with that other thing you are thinking of.



Drop Off

  • Price for systems that are dropped off at my house for repair.
  • Labor is at hour increments.
  • This price is for when I am working on the system, not for the time the programs are running without my intervention.
  • The average charge is usually for 3 hours.


  • Price for moble service.
  • Labor is broken down to half hour increments.
  • Ariving on site is considered the first half hour.
  • Seniors (65+) recive a $10 an hour discount on labor.


  • Price for phone support.
  • Labor is charged at 15 minute increments.
  • I use Zoho Assist for remote suppot.
  • Software is designed for a one time use.